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Mindfulness through Arts

Mindfulness through arts involves using creative activities to cultivate a state of focused awareness and presence in the moment. This approach combines traditional mindfulness practices, like meditation and breathing exercises, with artistic endeavors such as painting, drawing, music, or dance. Engaging in these activities mindfully allows individuals to express themselves creatively while enhancing their ability to concentrate, reduce stress, and improve emotional regulation. The process emphasizes the journey of creation and the sensory experience over the final product, fostering a deeper connection to the present moment and one's inner experiences.

My Approach

I incorporate mindfulness into artistic practices to offer a holistic approach to enhancing mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Through painting, drawing, music, and other forms of art,  mindfulness helps individuals connect with themselves and their surroundings in meaningful ways, fostering a balanced and fulfilling life.

My Method

1. Music

Music plays a significant role in mindful art expression by creating an immersive and emotionally resonant environment that enhances the creative process. Thanks to the classical musical training and years of coordinating a Symphony Orchestra in Cancun, I have managed to curate playlists with a deep understanding of the effect of different pieces on the level of concentration, relaxation or release of emotions necessary for each type of workshop. The beginning, middle part and end of each session carries a different vibrational wave to facilitate connection with a specific session theme. The music range varies from classical preludes and contemporary instrumental to jazz, blues and new age style.

2. Connection

During my mindful art session, I guide participants to a deep, focused awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, and sensations while paying attention to each music change, creating abstract art. We practice Present-Moment Awareness, Emotional Expression and Non-Judgment.

3. Techniques

In our mindful art process, creative expression is reached by using different techniques, some of them are: - Mindful Doodling - Abstract Painting - Collage Making

Recent events 2023 -2024
Naples, FL

  • Golden Gate Public Library - over 10 workshops for kids and adults

  • Norris Community Center - “Paint the Music” with live performance

  • Baker Theater - “Paint the Music” with live performance

  • Larimart Gallery - 2 Art & Wine Texture Workshops

  • Several private Arty B -Days for kids and adults.

My Life in Mindfulness

My personal journey in consciousness began in college days, while I was studying Costume & Fashion Design in Moscow. I realized that the meditations helped me with focus on theoretical studies and facilitated the opening of my creative side when I was in a state of stagnation. On the other hand, my emotional state improved every time I practiced mindfulness on a regular basis and it significantly helped me deal with the stress of the pressure of the intensive college program. I managed to find a  perfect inner emocional and mental balance and with the ease  graduated with honors, winning several design competitions and got a dream internship and very soon after, a job offer above my expectations - a position as a costume designer at Mosfilm, the largest film company in Russia. At the age of only 21 I have already achieved important goals in my professional life. The practices of mindfull creation led me to study at the best design school in the world - St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, obtain a new professional internship and design assistant position in a prestigious fashion house in the heart of the Mecca of fashion - London. At 23 years old, another dream leap achieved and a broader vision of life openned up. I felt fulfilled, happy and empowered at such a young age. Through mindful approach, I learned two new foreign languages, Italian took me only 3 months and Spanish in 6. Later I continued creating my personal life, happily married, becoming a mother, opening my first company, Pantyushina atelier in a paradisiacal place on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. Reaching the end of the list of professional drems before the age of 30, I faced a personal crisis, accompanied by the reevaluation of important values in life. As a result, I left my profession as a fashion designer and dedicated myself to the cultural development of a young city - Cancun. The need to do something useful with my life, helping the community, the country where I lived, where I felt at home, filled my heart and gave me new meaning. Every morning in this period of my life I began with meditations, visualizations, more than ever, inspiring myself and feeling alive and happy. Starting from scratch at age 31, I immersed myself in the world of non-profit organizations in the cultural field. I studied Sustainability for NGOs at the Carribean University and Startegic Administration at ANAHUAC University, doing social work with great satisfaction and love, finally heading the Board of Trustees for Culture and the Arts of Cancun. Once again I achieved professional and self-realization while becoming a mother for the second time. Now, at 41 years old, two successful careers behind me, I dedicate myself to living a quiet life in Naples, Florida, with my family, working only a few hours a day, generating enough income to enjoy every moment with my growing up children, painting, organizing cultural events and teaching art and the wonders of conscious life. I am constantly creating new projects because  I know exactly  the purposes of my life, my tasks and my spiritual duties. I am here to share, communicate and teach people the easiest way to be happier and live a full life through art and mindfulness.

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